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green walls benefit[edit]

Designing a green wall which is diverse, eye-catching, intriguing and simply a pleasure to look at is a complex task. It requires strategic planning, in-depth knowledge of countless plants species, a strong eye for design and a whole lot of creativity! The team at Green over Grey™ possess these skills and works with its clients to create spectacular living masterpieces. Our green walls are appreciated by anyone who stops and takes a moment to be captivated by the beauty and diversity that nature has to offer.

Large areas of greenery help to suppress dust particles; improving air quality around construction sites and busy highways. This may lead to a reduction in respiratory illness. There has been much focus in London recently on reducing PM10 particles to meet EU regulations.

Water Efficient Landscaping. Buildings can incorporate a stormwater collection system for irrigation of the green walls and other landscape features. Using only captured, recycled, or nonpotable water may enable the project to achieve this credit.


Both the terms ‘tax deduction’ and ‘tax exemption‘ refer to a lowering of taxable income; they are forms of tax relief or tax breaks provided by the government. However, tax exemptions may also include complete relief from taxes, reduced rates and tax on only a portion of income. Tax exemption means you don’t have to pay tax for a particular income. E.g. you may get a tax exemption for donating to charitable institutions and various relief funds.

In order to encourage investments, the government generally offers tax exempt entities to invest in. Such entities are exempted from a single or multiple taxation laws. For example, investments in the Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme are fully tax exempt. Money deposited under this scheme will be exempted from tax at the time of investment, accumulation of interest and payout of returns (EEE). In case of tax deduction, your income tax liabilities decrease by a specified amount for spending money in particular avenues. You invest in various schemes to reduce your taxable income. For example, you can get tax deduction by paying life insurance premiums and home loan EMI . Tax deductions are offered by government to tempt taxpayers to participate in programs carrying societal benefits.

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